In the middle of this lockdown, it’s nice to listen to something that has nothing (or barely anything) to do with Covid, US politics or disputes around the globe. Lili Rutai, a podcaster and podcat collected her best recommendations. 

You heard it here first: podcasts are the new series. There are an infinite amount of them available on the internet, which means there is something for everyone. But it also means that it’s hard to find the perfect one for you with all the options available. 

Let me help you with that. The following podcasts are perfect for a binge. Meaning: you can listen to an infinite amount of old episodes in a random order without being confused. Basically, these are the Friends of podcasts. Also, they are female-dominated. Perfect for your lazy days.

The Guilty Feminist

Probably the most prominent and well-known podcast about feminism: with over 200 sixty-minute episodes, this is your perfect binge. In each episode, the host, comedian and writer Deborah Frances-White and her various co-hosts do feminism-related comedy-sketches. Afterwards, they address pressing matters with experts – the topic of the week varies from migration to housework. 

Once recorded live, with hundreds watching in various theatres and cinemas around the world, now Frances-White and her companions are recording through Zoom. I would recommend older episodes to listen to if you wish to feel like you’re at a live event, or the newest ones to hear about hot issues. 

My favourite 3 episodes:

125. Feminists Don’t Wear Pink and Other Lies with Scarlett Curtis, Amy Trigg, Grace Campbell, Sharmadean Reid

152. Late Night with Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling

87. Mental Health with Milly Thomas

How to Fail with Elizabeth Day

Another legendary podcast: journalist and author Elizabeth Day interviews the most successful people on Earth about their failures and things they regret. She is a perfect interviewer with a decade of experience in journalism, always asking the right questions and never being too pushy. 

There are 9 seasons with bonus episodes. I would recommend all of each and every, anytime. And some bonus good news: Elizabeth wrote not one but two books about things she learned while hosting the podcast: How to Fail (2019) and Failosophy (2020) that was included in our top recommendations for the autumn releases.

My favourite 3 episodes:

S8, BONUS EPISODE! How to Fail: Gloria Steinem

SPECIAL EPISODE! How to Fail: Mo Gawdat on how to cope with anxiety in a time of Coronavirus 

S1, Ep1 How To Fail – Phoebe Waller-Bridge

The High Low

“The weekly conversation between Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes” – the High Low is just what it promises: a discussion between two intelligent, funny and socially sensible journalists about news, books, movies, podcasts, events and everything interesting. 

They often recommend books that are just about to come out and series that are trending – therefore I would recommend starting with their newest episodes. However, their Author Specials are always interesting. And I love to listen to old episodes where they talk about older events and series I might have seen. 

We have previously recommended both Pandora’s first essay-collection, How Do We Know We Are Doing It Right and Dolly’s first novel, Ghosts. Both of them are famous for their smart opinions and lovely thoughts, very well articulated in the podcast.

My favourite 3 episodes:

What ‘Cat Person’ Tells Us About Female Pleasure. Plus Which Social Media Platform Is The Most Dangerous?

An Author Special With ‘Lullaby’ Novelist, Leila Slimani (& Some Thoughts On The Babe.Net Piece Gone Viral)

Domestic is Not A Dirty Word: An Author Special With The Great American Novelist, Meg Wolitzer

You’re Wrong About 

Let me be honest with you: this podcast was recommended to me by The High Low podcasters in a recent episode, and I haven’t been able to properly binge on it. But I can’t wait to do so. 

Two American journalists revisit historic events and myths, only to reveal the truth about them. They investigate the satanic panic, Stockholm syndrome, Lorena Bobbit, exorcism, sexting and the infamous case of Kitty Genovese. 

My favourite episodes so far:

The Diana series 


Journalist Oenone Forbat talks about stuff they don’t teach you in school: success, gender, bodies, political polarization and the list goes on. For intriguing (and sometimes controversial) opinions and amazing guests tune in for the 80+ episodes. 

My favourite 3 episodes:

#83 Choice Feminism with Haley Nahman 

#72 Relationships, Accountability & Growth with Florence Given 

#29 Breaking The Rules with Sofie Hagen

Millennial Love

This is the podcast of the Independent, hosted by Olivia Petter. She discusses porn, love, hate, relationships and bodies with various guests. Listen to it for honest conversations, provocative opinions and lessons in love.

My favourite 3 episodes:

Talking porn with Erika Lust

#51 Why it’s important to fail at relationships, with Elizabeth Day  

#20 Dolly Alderton joins us to discuss dating in your 20s, female friendships and her new book  

Sentimental Garbage

If you’re a fan of chick-lit (whether you admit it or not) this is the perfect podcast for you. With fellow authors, Caroline O’Donoghue discusses girly books that actually are good literature. From The Devil Wears Prada, through Valley of Dolls, to Crazy Rich Asians.

My favourite 3 episodes:

Eat, Pray, Love with Abigail Bergstrom  

The Devil Wears Prada with Lindsey Kelk  

High Fidelity with Alan Maguire  

Brown Girls Do It Too

Hosted by the BBC Asia network, three millennial women discuss sex, marriage and love from an Asian perspective. Trying to break the stigma of Asian girls having sex, the three women are brutally honest and incredibly funny. No wonder why it won the Podcast of the Year award in 2019. 

There are only 6 episodes up to date, but rumour has it that there’s going to be a second season very soon. 

Written by Lili Rutai.