Vision and Mission

Lazy Women is an open platform created by young women to amplify the voices of those identifying with womanhood all over the world. 

Our mission is to challenge the negative connotation of laziness and reclaim it by making “public” the many endeavours women around the world pursue, often in the “private sphere”, which are considered less valuable than monetized or public work. We aim to build a community that embraces the diversity of womanhood, and shares insight about lived experiences, political and social issues, successes and life stories, drawing more attention to experiences and issues faced by women. 

Our name, Lazy Women, is inspired by the experience of being called lazy – while we have been all called lazy at some point in our lives, the quality of ‘laziness’ is often associated with womanhood: the one traditionally seen as the ‘homemaker’ occupied with reproductive, invisible tasks, who is not ‘out there’ changing the world, but making room for men to pursue public, traditionally perceived as ‘productive’ activities. Although the public-private, productive-reproductive dichotomies have been challenged by feminism, their legacy remains.


Lazy Women is a growing team of writers and creatives, from a wide range of nationalities, disciplinary backgrounds and lived experiences. Click on our members’ names below to find out more! (to be updated)

Founders and Board-members



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Lazy Women was born in the context of Covid-19, where many of us were forced to stay at home, and the way we understand and make use of the ‘domestic’ sphere is being constantly reevaluated. For many, this time offers us a chance to, if not embrace, then reflect on what it means to be lazy, as drawing the lines between leisure (associated with our homes) and work (the office that is for many…also in our home) becomes increasingly complicated. This disruption to the public-private dichotomy inspired us to create Lazy Women.

Work with us

We are always keen to work with passionate individuals and like-minded organisations. Take a look around, and please do get in touch with us if you want to collaborate with us or become part of our growing team of Lazy Women! 

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Kafkadesk – Ultra-local news from Central Europe.

Lossi 36 – Lossi 36 brings you news, analysis, and photography from Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, the Caucasus, and Central Asia.

Kosovo2.0 – Kosovo2.0 is a new type of journalistic platform for Kosovo, the region and beyond — a platform that rejects the tabloidization of important issues. 

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Writers and illustrators

Please submit your content to [email protected] with “Blog Contribution” as your subject line, a short description of the work you are submitting, and the work attached as a google file. Feel free to pitch ideas for work that is not yet complete or ready for submission. While we are unable to publish every submission we receive, we aim to respond to submissions with a decision about publication within a week’s time.