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My body, my choice: Polish women against the abortion ban

Poland is the latest example of democracy moving backward instead of forward. On the 27h of January the Polish government announced the introduction of a near total ban on abortions. The ruling established that abortion is now legal in Poland only in cases of rape, incest or danger for the mother’s life…. But the Polish people did not intend to sit back and watch in silence. They went back to the streets like they did months before, shouting slogans such as “My body, my choice” and “You will never walk alone”. ... Read more...

I’ve had enough – the thoughts of a Hungarian Black girl

What’s it like to live in Hungary as a Black woman? To be complimented on your ‘nice’ accent, when you are Hungarian? To be in school and hear another girl say she doesn’t want to hold your hand, fearing that you would ‘dirty’ hers? Judit Deen discusses her experience and gives some recommendations regarding what to watch if you want to get an insight into the experience of living as a Black person anywhere in the world. ... Read more...