On 30 September 2023, Lazy Women officially launched its first-ever crowdfunding campaign.

The goal? To make Lazy Women a truly independent feminist media and value our 50+ volunteer contributors’ hard work.

Over the past three years, Lazy Women has grown from a hobby blog into a full-scale volunteer-run feminist media outlet and a creative hub. We have nurtured a community of over fifty talented writers, podcasters, and illustrators, many of whom had no previous journalistic experience or came from disadvantaged geographical or societal backgrounds. Together, we have created thought-provoking content that challenges the norms, disrupts stereotypes, and inspires change.

But here’s the truth: running a volunteer project of this magnitude with no financial backing takes a toll. We are at a crossroads now. We must secure our project’s financial sustainability or risk that our platform could cease to exist.

Fairly compensate 8% our contributors 62% 20% Make Lazy Women more accessible Establish a global, 10% membership-based community Crowdfunding platform fees and commission

This is where you come in! We need your support now more than ever. Join our crowdfunding campaign NOW and help us build our Lazy Revolution!

Your generous contributions will enable us to:

  1. Fairly compensate our contributors: it is time we reward the hard work and talent of our volunteer writers and illustrators, who have worked tirelessly over the past few years to get us to where we are today. Your contributions will allow us to pay for the so-far invisible work of 5 project leaders and over 70 articles, illustrations, and podcasts published per year.
  2. Make Lazy Women accessible in multiple languages: with your help, we will turn Lazy Women into an interactive online media, where women from all over the world will be able to contribute to our platform in their mother tongue. Thanks to your support, Lazy Women will have the capacity to establish bilingual English and original language pieces, ensuring that we remain a trusted source accessible to everyone globally.
  3. Establish a global, membership-based community: the Lazy Revolution will allow us to establish local Lazy Women hubs in various cities, organise regular meet-ups, and last but not least: develop a members-only community space with extra content and more opportunities to interact.

We have a lot planned out but are missing the necessary financial spark to set it all in motion.

We can only make the Lazy Revolution happen with your support. Help us create a strong base so we can build a future filled with laziness, care, and a revolutionary feminist workspace for women from all over the world. Your contributions will go a long way.

Support our campaign by October 31st and help us build our Lazy Revolution. The time to act is now!

Remember, our campaign is all-or-nothing: if we don’t reach 15,000EUR, we don’t get anything and all contributions go back to backers. So your support – no matter how little – will go a long way.