We still have a long way to go in our war against patriarchy. But there is hope(!) with many societies around the world becoming more gender equal over time.

But how did the patriarchy come about? What were its drivers in history? And how come certain countries manage to approach gender equality, while others lag behind?

Our today’s guest, Dr. Alice Evans interviewed by Ayşe Göç from the Lazy Women team, is here to help you trace the global history of gender divergence and the most important drivers of gender equality! She travelled to many countries, got immersed in local communities, and enriched her research through these encounters. She is a great scholar, an inquisitive spirit, and believes in the healing power of supporting women. You can also look forward to voices of some of our contributors, sharing personal stories about struggle that women still face in their own countries. We hope you will enjoy it!

Music Credits: Sophie M’ (Dorottya Ács and Pál Zwickl)

Image Credits: Eszter Zwickl & Selen Sarikaya