No doubt, the holiday season will be very different this year. As we’re all social distancing and staying at home, traditional holiday activities such as gift shopping, visiting holiday markets, or traveling to see family might not happen in the usual way. 

Here at Lazy Women, we have been working on something special to make this holiday season a bit better for all of our readers.

As large companies like Amazon win more and more from the pandemic, we think it’s important to support independent businesses and creatives throughout this difficult time.

We have partnered with 7 amazing small businesses across Hungary and the UK, all of them offering products made by women. 

Not only have we selected a range of wonderful independent businesses for you to help your gift shopping this winter, but we also got you some exclusive discount deals! Our partners offer between 10-30% discount on their selected products with our promo code. 

So how can you get your hands on these lovely products? Easy! All you have to do is sign up to our newsletter, and wait for the discount codes to arrive in your mailbox. Sign up here so you don’t miss out! Our campaign is running from 16 November – 24 December, so there is no time to waste! 

The discount codes will be sent straight to you as soon as you sign up to our newsletter here. And without further due, let us introduce our partners.


Underseawear is on an epic mission to help clear up our polluted oceans and reduce the negative impact that plastic is having on the environment by recycling waste into fun, high-quality swimwear. Their goal is to inspire people to become conscious consumers and generous towards the environment by offering a fashionable product that is consciously created and designed to last. You can order them on their website

Azzurro Velluto

Azzurro Velluto is a sapphic love and art inspired creative business run by two women. They create shirts, sweatshirts, prints, launching ceramics very soon. They take orders via DMs and their shop.

MARI Activewear

Dare to wear colours, to live naturally, to move and dance and create. Build forests. Be a contemporary amazon.” –  Annamaria Kaptay, owner and designer of the sexy, sustainable and ethical clothing brand ‘MARI’.

The Hungarian-Belorussian designer takes these words as her own personal philosophy – not only in building her own brand, but also as a pianist in a local Budapest girl band, a painter and yoga instructor.

Let’s help our planet breathe again while staying stylish, grab a cosy oversized hoodie, sweatshirt or pants from MARI’s first leisure collection

Bloom and Body

Bloom and Body is a ceramic business whose current collection of work is based on Amber’s own illustrations from life drawing sessions as well as her body. Her work celebrates the human form, both male and female, and aims to showcase the beautiful curves and lines of our bodies with the hopes of growing the series to be more inclusive and more inline with body positivity across all sizes and identities. You can order Amber’s vases through her Etsy webshop.


Ykonszept was inspired by vintage clothes and the founder, Eszter’s love for literature. Their products, including, shirts, tote bags, and jackets, feature poems, and feminist slogans. You can get your hands on their clothes on their website. Discount is available on the Y KOnszept Signature collection shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts.

Marlou Wine Bar

Truly a hidden gem in Budapest, Marlou is a wine bar and retailer of ‘natural’ wines from Europe and abroad, located behind the Opera. They believe in promoting wines made by hand with no or minimal intervention. Check out their website!


Verkstaden is made up of a group of young people consisting of graphic designers and freelance artists from Budapest. They sell screen-printed new and second-hand clothes, each product designed & printed by them in Budapest, Hungary. You can get your hands on their beanies in the store in Budapest

Tits and Bits

Tits&Bits was born out of a desire to create art that was inclusive of everybody. From this came a wide range of ceramic hangings, ceramic keyrings and lino prints celebrating all kinds of bodies. Get your hands on the products on their website

All you have to do now is sign up for our newsletter, and wait for the discount code to arrive in your mailbox.

The discount codes will be available until the 24th of December. We at Lazy Women do not get a cut, a commission or any revenue from this campaign. your money goes straight to the producer and they keep 100% of it.