Illustration Team

All Lazy Women articles are accompanied by a custom illustration, created by our illustration team. Here you can learn more about our illustrators, and get in touch with them for custom work if you like.

Lili Rebeka Toth

Lili Rebeka Toth is an art historian and painter. She holds an MA in art history and religious studies from Central European University. Her research focused on the common roots of Jewish and Christian art. Currently, she works as a gallery manager at November Gallery, Budapest. Lili’s digital illustrations are usually quite grotesque. She likes to use intense colors, symbols, humor and hidden details. Her other artistic activity includes painting, photography and film making. You can find and purchase her artworks at felliniskicc.hu or at instagram @lilith_ot

Izabella Szabó

Izabella is an illustrator and graphic designer. Her biggest inspiration is music, color combinations, & she is fascinated by the diversity of people. She likes to draw weird human beings and lyrics in her own interpretation. She tries to constantly create something and evolve in her life as a creative, so she’s always up for creative challenges or collaborations! Contacts/portfolio:
[email protected] / @pasztellneon / behance.net/izabellaszabo 

Lou Kiss

Lou is a freelance illustrator and digital designer based in London, currently in her final year at Middlesex University. Her main focus is on editorial and advertising works. Using simplified shapes, bold colours and textures, Lou creates illustrations that communicate strong messages on current – often political – issues. Whenever she isn’t working, she enjoys playing drums, attending music festivals and concerts. Doing her dissertation research on space exploration and speculative future, she has endless passion for space science and astronomy. 

You can see more of her work here: web: https://www.loukissdraws.com     |     instagram: @loukissdraws 

Juli Jásdi

Juli Jásdi is a Budapest based Graphic Designer and freelance Illustrator. She graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2019. Her focus is on digital illustration, however, she is very much attracted to manual drawing. She likes experimenting with different ways of storytelling. Her narrative illustrations are quirky and bold, yet thought-provoking. Juli’s mission is not only pure entertainment, but also to grab attention and to raise awareness.

In 2019, her diploma project – which was a Picture Book about Alcoholism – won a 1st Prize at the Budapest Illustration Festival. Since then she has worked with a few Hungarian children’s book publishers. She’s happy to work with you!

[email protected] Instagram: @jasdijuli  Web: julijasdi.tumblr.com

Dorottya Juhász

Dorottya is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Budapest, who is also our brand designer. She is currently in her final year at Metropolitan University. Her drawings always look for a peculiar point of view, inspired by the forms of nature and unique people. Most of her illustrations are character based but she also likes to create still-life pictures and pattern design. Beside digital illustrations she also loves to work in different fields of analogue graphic and photo techniques for example: lino prints, cyanotype and photogram. Feel free to contact her via Instagram: @letdorabe or email [email protected].

Kata Kocsispéter

Kata is an illustrator and graphic designer based between Cambridge and Budapest. She’s currently in the final year of her Illustration BA at Cambridge School of Art, ARU. She enjoys mixing traditional and digital techniques, vibrant colours and texture. Her work takes inspiration from everyday life, relationships, emotions, film and nature. With a focus on visual storytelling and conceptual ideas, she touches various fields of illustration, from picture book art to reportage drawing, poster design and editorials. You can enquire about collaboration, other projects here: [email protected] and see more of her work at instagram: @katakocsispeter

Boglárka Varga

Bogi has a diploma in production design for cinema and theater, and now she is completing her MA studies in product design. She is interested in learning about the emotions behind products, and is always keen to try herself out in new and exciting projects – this is how she first started experimenting with digital illustration. Bogi aims to find the link between people, feelings and art. You can find her artworks at instagram @thelazywomen or @nyujorktajmsz.

Nora Csendes

Nora is an illustrator newbie based in Budapest, Hungary. Graduated as a Product Designer at MOME Budapest, by day she works at Digital Musketeers as a UI illustrator, by night she’s attending an illustration course at MOME. Her main interests are story-telling, female roles and environmentalism (and flowers in all quantities). She’s still experimenting and trying to find her voice, visit her Instagram account (@nora.csendes) if you are interested in her journey!

Please reach out on Instagram or in e-mail ([email protected]) for any enquiries or if you just want to have a chat. She’s happy to hear about you!