Did you ever wonder how we can apply feminist principles to the realities of paid and unpaid work? And how we can use rest and remuneration to create structural change?

In this episode, Lazy Lauren talks to Ellie Sugden, co-founder of Our Generation for Inclusive Peace (OGIP) – a grass-roots, youth-led organisation founded on feminist principles.

Lauren and Ellie dig deep into how feminism is applied in OGIP’s day-to-day and what it means to do such important work on a voluntary basis. From how women engage in voluntary labour in capitalist structures to the importance of remuneration and finding space for rest, the conversation covers how to fit unpaid work into the daily realities and financial struggles, while still making time for necessary laziness!

Music Credits: Sophie M’ (Dorottya Ács and Pál Zwickl)
Image Credits: Eszter Zwickl & Selen Sarikaya