Hi Dóra and Bori! Could you introduce yourselves to our readers? 

Dóra: Hello everyone! My name is Dorottya Juhász and I’m working as a graphic designer and illustrator. I’m currently doing my master’s degree at Budapest Metropolitan University. My business partner and also my best friend is Borbála Horváth, who’s also studying for her design and art management master’s degree at MOME. We’ve known each other since our teenage years: we met in high school and are best friends ever since!  We’ve always had plans about going to the same university, living together, etc. But not everything went as planned: Bori went to live in Linz and I stayed in Budapest for my degree. Yet, two things remained sure: that we are best friends, and that at some point, we want to create something together. So when Bori came home last year for her master’s, the time had finally come.

BEBI is placed at the intersection of fashion, graphic design and illustration. This way, we can put the same amount of experience and knowledge into this project. Bori studied fashion and technology in Linz so her area is sewing patterns and silhouettes and she’s also responsible for our social media and marketing.

Meanwhile, I am responsible for all graphic patterns and branding elements, as well as our new product category, the BEBI prints. But actually, we do almost everything together.

How did the idea of creating a brand come about? Why did you start this project and what’s your goal with it? 

Bori: This is actually a funny story… Exactly one year ago, when we couldn’t even leave the house, we realized how much we are in need of comfy clothes. We were looking for the perfect lounge set that is somehow unique but also comfy, functional and is made out of a natural material…but we simply couldn’t find it. So Dóra came up with the idea that we should make our own. 

We design our pattern families around one concept and technique. This way our patterns match each other and can be combined into one look. Our materials are digitally printed, with one exception: our PAL Sweatshirt which is screen printed. Each print collection is a limited edition, which means that we are always working on new concepts because we constantly want to renew our brand and change our point of view. The core elements in every collection are the patterns and when it comes to the silhouettes we focus on functionality, comfort and versatility. For us the most important thing is – and probably this is what makes our brand truly unique – that we build every collection around one artistic concept. The patterns have a story and they are a reflection of our current inspirations rather than “just” graphic elements.

We’d also like to use our brand as a platform for featuring other amazing artists/ designers with who we are planning to work in the form of collaboration.

Why ‘BEBI’? What’s the story behind the name of the brand? 

D: The name was born through a really long brainstorming session with our friends. But we couldn’t find any. After that, we came up with completely random ideas crying and laughing at the same time. To be honest it was an emotional rollercoaster. But after a while, sitting on the floor we realised it should be something that could be a cute nickname for anyone and we love it ever since.

The concept of loungewear has become really popular. Why do you think that might be the case?

B: Probably because of similar reasons why we started our brand: the lockdown(s) grew the need for more comfortable pieces in our wardrobe. Everyone needed clothing that can be worn inside and outside for online meetings, to walk the dog or shopping for groceries. No one would sit at home in front of the computer in jeans. We needed other options.

As a sustainable brand, what aspects of production do you pay special attention to?

D: The first and most important thing for us is that we produce each of our pieces in a limited quantity avoiding unnecessary production and waste. We know all our vendors personally and we keep in touch with them regularly to make sure that everything matches our quality standards. We produce our products in Hungary to stay local and to support the Hungarian textile industry. We are especially proud of the fact that the cotton material of our lounge sets is knitted and printed in Budapest. Also, our labels are made locally. Our packaging is 100% plastic-free. We use only paper elements and stickers for the shipping as well. We also pay a lot of attention to designing our pieces as size-inclusive as possible. Currently, we have three sizes S-M-L which we tested on many different body types and sizes. But in the future, we plan to bring out larger sizes as well.

And now dear Lazy Readers, you’re in for a treat! 

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Photo credits
Photography: Barbara Mikóczi
Makeup/hair: Sarolta Tombor
Models: Panna Horváth, Emma Öreg, Zsombor Rupcsó