Are men funnier than women? What is a “punchline gap”? And has cancel culture killed our ability to joke around?

In our new podcast episode, Lazy Selin interviews The Clit Comedy Club. Also known as Anshita Koul, a software engineer turned comedian from India, and Mari Volar, a comedian, producer and musician from Estonia.

You may think that the creators of Clit Comedy consciously use humour as a tool of political activism, but they say that they are just talking about their own experiences. For them, everything is inherently political, especially when covering topics like queerness, fat-shaming or being an immigrant.

In the episode, we cover everything you ever wanted to know about female comedians: from political correctness and the punchline gap to online bullying and getting cancelled. Listen to it below and give us a follow and rating on Spotify, Apple Music, or wherever you get your podcasts on.