When we talk about women in fairytales, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Witches? Or princesses in need? Perhaps evil stepmothers?

We’re so happy to kick off the first episode of the Lazy Women podcast by interviewing the international storyteller and writer Zalka Csenge Virag about the image of women in folk tales and her journey to becoming a storyteller. She gives us a unique insight into the evolution of folktales and examples of women that don’t fit the classic “evil stepmother” and “princess waiting to be rescued” stereotypes. We are sure that the portrayal of women in classic fairytales will surprise you – just like it surprised us.

Listen to our very special, first podcast episode here:

And if you haven’t listened to the fairy tale she shared with us in our “Christmas special”, you can find it on Spotify too. 

Music credits: Sophie M’ (Dorottya Ács and Pál Zwickl)

Image credits: Eszter Zwickl & Eszti Balazs