This spring, Lazy Women will be focusing on the theme of Body and Time

As women, our social value is often determined by the male gaze. We’re conditioned to always want to look younger, thinner, and adhere to Eurocentric ideas of beauty. We feel guilty for our bodies changing, whether that’s during puberty or menopause. We are scrutinized for the simple act of aging, whereas men are not to the same degree.

How do you relate to the theme of Body and Time

Have you ever felt guilt or embarrassment towards your changing body? Have you felt pressured to look younger and thinner in order to adhere to Eurocentric beauty standards? Do you feel your ‘innocence’ changed when you transitioned from girlhood to womanhood? Who has created these untenable expectations for women, and how does the radical act of spending time alone challenge these external expectations?

We are looking for content relating to the themes of: 

  • Beauty Standards
  • Ageism 
  • Gendered Double Standards of Aging 
  • Solitude and the Art of Spending Time Alone
  • Cultural Tolerance towards Women’s Suffering 

…but if you have a different idea that you think relates to the theme, feel free to pitch that too!

Pitches and short testimonies will be accepted till the 31st of March midnight (CET). 

  • Testimonies: 300 words max, written in first person
  • Articles: please send in first a 250 word pitch detailing the envisaged structure, and topic of your piece. If your pitch is accepted, we will ask you to write a maximum 1200 words long piece within 2 weeks. Detailed guidelines on the submission process can be found here.
  • Illustrations: 3 illustration max/submission, preferably in square size (1080px by 1080px)
  • Send pitches to [email protected] with the subject line ‘Content Call Submission- [Your Name]’.

What do you get in return?

  • Being published on our website
  • An opportunity to become part of the Lazy Women team, access to merch, events, and other perks
  • Detailed editorial feedback
  • If you’re sending in written work, your piece will get a unique illustration designed by one of our contributors

Illustration by Kata Fodor.