Plastic-free July is here and we want to make sure you can get the best out of it. Last year you could read about sustainable fashion tips, how to make your bathroom plastic-free or beginner steps to take towards a more sustainable life.

These tips might have helped you reduce the amount of plastic you use, but still, if you go to do the groceries you might realise that everything is wrapped in plastic. After unwrapping it, you are left with some plastic garbage which many times can’t be recycled. The solution? Try these bulk shops and zero waste stores!

First, let’s see some Budapest-based shops. Sadly, many of them only have a Hungarian site, but in most of the shops the sellers speak English, so don’t you worry!

Ligeti Bolt

These Budapest-based stores were one of the first ones to open in the city. People who want to live a plastic-free life are welcomed in three spots in Budapest. Ligeti is a bulk shop, where you can buy a wide variety of raw materials (like sugar and flour), many kinds of pasta, dairy products, syrups and jams, teas, and also some natural cosmetics. They recently renovated their store in the 13th district where you can enjoy a coffee and a cake before or after doing the groceries.

1137. Budapest, Katona József Street 9-11.

1111. Budapest, Budafoki Street 9-11.

1061. Budapest, Király Street 26.

Ne pazarolj!

The next bulk shop in Budapest is located in Buda, near Batthyány square. In addition to selling raw materials and other food-related stuff, they also sell liquid shampoo, shower gel, body lotion, laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid, window cleaner, and the list goes on. Since the pandemic, they also have a delivery option, so it’s worth checking out even if you don’t live in the area.

1027. Budapest, Fő u. 79.


Naeked is a ZW shop in Buda, near Déli railway station. Besides selling syrups, kinds of pasta, cosmetics, dairy products and plant-based milk and many more, they also work as a tea house. At this place, you can choose from a wide variety of teas and exciting tea blends which you can bring home or drink at this cosy place with a friend. 

1123. Budapest, Schwartzer Ferenc Street 4.


Pancs is a low-waste shop in the 9th district of Budapest near Mester Street. During covid, they opened a new store near Jászai Mari Square in the 13th district. Besides the stores, they are famous for their online market platform where you can choose from the best quality products to order. These products are all from Hungarian small producers who care about the environment and the good quality. You can buy stuff including but not limited to baked goods, honey, vegetables, fruits and vegan products.

1137. Budapest, Jászai Mari Square 4.


This bulk shop is near Kelenföld Railway Station. They advertise themselves as a store that only sells goods that do not contain palm oil. This family business offers you a huge variety of different kinds of products. For instance, you can choose from 13 kinds of flours if you want to bake something or a great selection of sauces like ketchup or horseradish for a summer evening grill party. 

1119. Budapest, Tétényi Street 39.


This store is a bit different from the above-mentioned shops. Besides selling products that can help you produce less waste- like safety razors, beeswax food wraps or textile bread bags, they sell natural cosmetics that are good for your body and the environment as well. If you check out their website you can also read their blog where they share tips and news related to sustainability- not just in Hungarian but in English as well!

1126 Budapest, Kiss János altábornagy Street 35.

Kegyes Vegyes

You can find this store in the 17th district in Budapest. If you live in the area and the only excuse for not doing the groceries in a bulk shop was that there’s no ZW shop near you, wait no more and check Kegyes Vegyes out! They offer spices, legumes, seeds and other goods for you to buy. On their Facebook page – linked above – they also share useful tips about the products they sell- like why you should consume more legumes or how to make tea with cold water. 

1173. Budapest, Pesti Street 41/c

Zero Hero

Zero Hero is an online platform probably with one of the biggest selections of zero waste objects of use. If you have never heard of them it’s time to check out their site as you can buy from a great variety of products. If you need soap, a water bottle, a safety razor, or environmentally friendly straws look no more, this is the right place to buy them. They also have a small shop near Déli railway station where you can check out some of their products.

1016. Budapest, Mészáros Street 8.


This online platform is selling ZW lifestyle-related objects of use, cleaning and self-care products. A part of their page is dedicated to those who have kids by offering baby hairbrushes or children’s sunscreen to buy. They also have a blog where they share sustainable lifestyle tips, but sadly only in Hungarian.


Teneré is not only a bulk shop, they also place a special emphasis on a healthy lifestyle. Accordingly, they line up a large selection of different alternative and bio foods but also sell some products you can also buy in regular grocery stores. They also pay special attention to those who are allergic to lactose or gluten or have diabetes and offer different products for them. They also care about vegans. In Teneré, you can choose from many kinds of vegan products like different kinds of pasta, sauces or sweets.

1033. Budapest, Reményi Ede Street 1-3.


KekszNeked is a low-waste shop you can find in two spots in Budapest. One is in the 16th and the other is in the 17th district. Most of the goods they sell you can buy in bulk but they also have some pre-packed products like bio wines or mustard. A plus, compared to the other shops, is that you can choose from a wide variety of homemade baked goods and cakes.

1163. Budapest, Sashalmi Square 1.

1172. Budapest, Ferihegyi Street 43.


This bulk shop in the city centre in the 8th district of Budapest has everything a zero-waste store has to offer. Those who are sick of packaging can buy their vegetables, fruits, dairy products, eggs, cosmetic products and many more here. If you are near Blaha Lujza Square and want to do your groceries environmentally friendly this is the right place for you!

1085. Budapest, Gyulai Pál Street 12.


Mimbre is a shop selling organic and natural cosmetics, household products and washable diapers. You can find this store in the 11th district of Budapest near Feneketlen Lake. With a huge variety of cosmetic products and household items, the shop is ideal for those who want to keep their houses and bodies clean while caring about the environment as well.

1114. Budapest, Bartók Béla Street 76.

Eni Mag-ház

Eni is a cosy bulk shop in the 18th district of Budapest. In this store, you can find all of the basic products you might need for a zero-waste life. Besides selling teas, legumes, different kinds of flours, they also think about those with a sweet tooth: they have a variety of biscuits, dried fruits and chocolates. Food is not the only thing you can buy here – they have handmade soap bars and other sustainable beauty products to offer.

1183. Budapest, Üllői Street 446.

Boldog Föld

This family-owned business in Wekerle Telep was founded on the site of a former food market selling goods back in the 1930s. The former shop – as most of the shops back then – was selling all of its products package-free and all of the goods were coming from local businesses. The Mavrik family is trying to meet these expectations today by offering everything zero waste and from locals. So if you want to support a family business this bulk shop is perfect for you!

1192. Budapest, Pannónia út 32.

Written by Zsófi Szlávy. Find her most recent pieces here!